Stop Looking for Clients and
Start Building Alliances

Successful networking isn't about finding your next client, or making your next sale. It's about identifying your next strategic alliance. Learn WHY strategic alliances are the only form of networking worth your time.

Build Strategic Alliances That Make Your Job Easier, Expand Your Reach & Build You a Solid Reputation

Strategic alliances are symbiotic relationships, where the services you offer compliment the services offered by your alliance members.

Make Your Job Easier

Alliances are built with people who offer complementary services to yours. When you refer an alliance member, it's to solve a problem for your client that you can't solve on your own.

Expand Your Reach

You want ease and flow to reach your ideal clients... Let your strategic alliance help you increase your reach by 6-10X what you're able to do on your own.

Build Your Reputation

When you solve problems for your clients that extend beyond your own professional services, you build up your authority and reputation as someone who can help them beyond your own area of expertise.

What if 80% of your referrals came from 20% of your network?

Building strategic alliances takes the boring, overused, abstract, and outdated concept of "networking" and turns it into something that is fun and actually WORKS. It works because building strategic alliances means building credibility and trust with referral partners that you're excited to introduce to your network.  Referring alliance members becomes just a natural part of serving your clients.

You've spent years networking where there were only two outcomes: Get a client or Make a friend. Most don't become clients, so you end up with a lot of friends. And friends aren't very good for business.

But what if networking was no longer about hunting for your next client? Instead, it became about interviewing other professionals to see which of them you would like to invite into a strategic alliance.

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Yes! I'm ready to change the way I network and start building strategic alliances instead.

During this 45-minute Masterclass, learn all the reasons WHY building strategic alliances is the best way to network, to create ease in your business, build lasting relationships with clients, break new revenue goals, and exponentially grow your business.


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Lisa Reaume, Leadership Mastery Coach

I became an entrepreneur in 2005 as a Marketing Consultant. I launched a virtual Marketing Agency in 2009. And in 2012, I transformed that agency into a business & marketing coaching company.

In 2021, during the pandemic, I created almost $6 Million in closed business by building strategic alliance networking strategies. When it comes to successfully networking, I will help you find and share your voice, in confidence and credibility, with your business world.

Building Alliances Is About Solving Clients' Problems

Building alliances isn't about getting new business. It's also not about giving referrals.

It's about understanding how you can help your ideal client solve more of their everyday problems.

Help Your Clients Get Unstuck

Help your almost-but-not-quite-ideal clients become your ideal clients. Do this by suggesting your alliance members that can help them clear their immediate roadblocks.

Help Your Clients Grow

If you have alliance members that work to grow your clients’ businesses, they will be able to afford more of your services and will be clients for life.

Help Your Clients Meet Other Needs

If you’re able to help your clients solve other problems that they have alongside the one you’ve been hired to solve, you’ll position yourself as someone to trust.


Diane Nelson

“ I started working with Lisa because I had lost my focus and the energy that I needed to promote myself. While working with Lisa, I came to understand the limitations that I’d created for myself. My focus and energy returned. Now, I’m connecting well with prospects and signing on new clients. “

Katrina Dollano

" Being entrepreneurial does not come naturally to me and the business- side often feels like a chore and a burden. In the last few months of working with Lisa, my own revenue has increased 30%. “

Angela Kafadar

“ I was spinning my wheels, attending networking events online and feeling like I didn't belong. Lisa showed me how to be seen and heard in a way that connected with my own personality. In fact, I just let my true character shine through. That year, I increased my return by '10x' in my networking activities. “

Yes! I'm ready to make my networking efforts profitable by building alliances.

In this 45-min Masterclass, you'll learn exactly why creating strategic alliances with a handful of trusted professionals will, with time, become responsible for 80% of your referrals. Your strategic alliances work to extend your reach by more than 6X that of any other networking effort.


Monday, May 9, 2022 at 12:15 - 1:00 p.m.

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